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Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence

Big Data, Analytics and BI: it's not about volume, it's about value

Big Data is a big hype, and it creates big opportunities. But how will your organization deal with it? Big Data is immediately associated with big volumes. Large quantities of data on customers, processes and machines, amongst other things. A sea of information that can prove to be a goldmine when the information you extract is turned into knowledge with the right kind of analyses.

Current Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms are too limited to translate data into business insights. Mostly because unstructured data is usually left out of analyses. And because scalability of the IT resources is a big problem.

That's where we come in. Our cloud platform is flexible and extremely scalable. Scaling up and adding capacity when you need it and only pay for what you use. Solvinity provides that capacity in an environment that was built for this exact purpose. But we don't compromise on security, availability and confidentiality. And: we partner with the best big data software providers that help your organization create invaluable analyses.


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