Complete security and control

Exceptionally well protected and highly available: it’s the Solvinity Private Cloud. A customized solution, without investment in infrastructure, hardware or software licenses. Highly suitable for mission-critical environments.

Private Cloud


Private Cloud within our infrastructure

Our Private Cloud is implemented our infrastructure, which we host within a network of data centres in and around Amsterdam. The Solvinity Cloud offers the possibility to maintain complete control and guarantee end-to-end security. Hence, we assure you that your cloud is optimally secured. More benefits of the Solvinity Cloud:

IT Architecture Support

To represent your IT architecture adequately, we report everything in a transferable way. Your organization has access to our CMDB at all times.


We integrated security into all processes, applications and systems originating at the design phase of the cloud. Needless to say, we meet the highest security norms and standards in the market.

Service Management Platform

Have all your ITIL processes, SLAs and the performance of the Solvinity Cloud organized in an integrated platform. Stay continuously updated about the status of your IT-environment in our cloud.

Proactive proposals for process improvement

Rapid developments require rapid responses. That is why we monitor and control our cloud services 24/7. Furthermore, we proactively introduce proposals for process improvement.

Over 20 years of experience

From customer environments to application-level; we have been managing the most critical environments for more than 20 years. Many years of collaboration with various parties demonstrates our reliability as a cloud partner.

A structured invoice with CloudBilling

A single, well-structured and clearly presented invoice for all your cloud-related costs. Easily analyze previous months for differences, growth or decrease. Or simply pass on costs to other Business Units.

''We work with highly sensitive personal data. Thus, reliability and business continuity are crucial. The Solvinity solution gives us maximum control and assurance.''
Guido Scheenhart
Project manager, National Healthcare Institute

How ONVZ regained control over IT with the help of Solvinity

It turned out to be increasingly difficult for health insurer ONVZ to keep up with technological developments and to comply with their IT with the progressively strict legislation. IT Outsourcing and Managed IT Services from Solvinity offered the future-proof solution that ONVZ was looking for.

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