2 June 2020

Solvinity launches Lango Workspace

Workspace in the cloud increases efficiency and manageability
Amsterdam, 2 June 2020 – Solvinity is launching Lango Workspace, a new digital work environment in the cloud. Lango is designed to guarantee maximum efficiency, smooth teamwork and operational continuity under all circumstances. The digital workspace can be accessed from any browser. It offers employees everywhere and at any time access to an intuitive and personalised desktop, that features all the applications, data and contacts they need to do their job.

“Organisations need a flexible workspace solution more than ever with which they can guarantee operational continuity, even under rapidly changing circumstances,” explains Hans van den Broek, CEO of Solvinity. “Solvinity believes that working remotely will have a lasting character in our society. By adding Lango Workspace to our portfolio of Secure Managed IT Services, we are giving organisations more control over this new way of working. Onboarding, provisioning and management become much easier thanks to Lango, while end users get the best possible user experience under all circumstances.”
“By adding Lango Workspace to our portfolio, we are giving organisations more control over this new way of working.”
Hans van den Broek
CEO at Solvinity
Efficient in use and management
To end users, Lango first and foremost is a user-friendly work environment. It offers employees a smooth working experience with all the tools and information needed to be productive, easily accessible through a single, browser-based desktop. Lango can be accessed from any device, any location and at any time. Applications, mails and files are highly secured and can be accessed with single sign-on. Lango offers an intuitive and personalised usage environment are specifically designed to work effectively, so that the day’s productive hours are spent as efficiently as possible.

For organisations, Lango is a workspace solution in the public cloud that offers maximum security, control and flexibility for the management of users, apps and data. Centralised management helps IT departments ensure that employees can be productive in a safe manner at all times, regardless of the working location or device used. The cloud platform guarantees that all employees always use the latest software versions and have access to the correct information according to verifiable policy arrangements. Lango forms the basis for a great user experience and a high degree of employee satisfaction.

The unique combination of a digital working environment in the cloud and Solvinity’s Secure Managed IT Services gives organisations the control they need to ensure that all essential applications, on-premises and in the cloud, run smoothly – always and everywhere.

During the introduction, Solvinity will provide personalised guidance by the Lango Coach, with which users quickly get to know and accept the new work environment. The user-friendly environment and service-oriented support make Lango Workspace a low-threshold solution, which is quickly adopted by employees.
In practice

The Dutch ‘9292 REISinformatiegroep’ has been using the new work environment for some time. Edwin Zilver, project and change manager at 9292: “We were looking for a single portal where our employees could find all their applications, documents and information. After comparing various alternatives, we chose this solution in consultation with Solvinity.”

After a one-month pilot, the new Workspace was introduced for the entire organisation. Since then, internal collaboration at 9292 has been “noticeably more efficient and uniform”. There is also positive feedback from the end users. Silver is very pleased with Lango Workspace and thinks of the collaboration with Solvinity as pleasant and efficient: “The transition went smoothly – everyone was able to use it after just one adoption session. Solvinity shared its creative thoughts, has been very cooperative and the transition project was well managed.

“The transition went smoothly - everyone was able to use it after just one adoption session.”
Edwin Zilver
project and change manager at 9292
Most important benefits and features of Lango Workspace
For end users
  • A complete workspace on any device, easy accessible 24/7 everywhere.
  • Fast and secure access to all means you need to be productive.
  • Simple to use, easy to manage.
  • Intuitive, personalised interface.
  • Save time: everything you need in one location.
  • High productivity through smooth teamwork.
For organisations
  • A centralised workspace solution in the public cloud.
  • A turn-key solution for simple provisioning and management.
  • Lango Coach: swift acceptance and satisfied users.
  • Quick scaling, easy onboarding, maximum control.
  • Pay-per-use: switch from Capex to Opex.
  • Always available: 99.9% uptime for all services (including printing).
  • Secure by design: built to ISO standards, ready for compliance audits.
  • Single sign-on for all cloud and on-premises solutions.
  • Expert support and advice for optimum performance.

Please find more information on Lango Workspace by Solvinity on Langoworkspace.com


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